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The Company

Koy King Apparel is a men and women's streetwear brand that was founded on the core values of "Style, Inspiration, and Empowerment." Currently, it features unisex hoodies, tees, hats and a few other items, but, plans on offering a larger selection of pieces and becoming a full lifestyle brand as it grows.


The Founder: Coy Jones

Image of Koy King Founder, Coy Jones

How It All Started

After being laid off from work (and out for a year) as a result of the pandemic quarantine, Coy knew that when it came to feeding himself and his family, he would always be at the mercy of an employer who could cut off his income whenever it was convenient for them.

"Enough is enough. I need another stream of income and I need to be my own boss. PERIOD," he said to himself.

Armed with a little stimulus money, some modern tech (social media, etc.), a big vision, and huge determination, he decided to once again chase the dream he initially had at the age of 18: To start his own clothing company after being inspired by four Black, New York-based clothing designers who took the streetwear market by storm in the 90's.

Nothing could deter him from believing he could start a clothing line and chasing his dream, not even his first four failed attempts over the years. On December 31, 2020, he made a "Declaration of Intent" on his social media. He said he'd file the necessary paperwork and take the necessary steps to start his company on the very first Monday in 2021...and he did just that...23 years after he initially had his dream.

He chose a name that was both a stylish take on his first name and how he sees and carries himself: Koy King. He, then, went on to launch his company on April 1, 2021, and Coy Jones has been rocking and rolling ever since.

His mission is to turn the Koy King brand into a multi-billion dollar clothing empire, raise up new entrepreneurs, empower his community, and become the most admired clothing brand in the world, as a result. The only question that remains is...will you be there when he does?


The Legend of Koy King Begins...